Stella Kate | Portrait Photographer, Cheryl Weaver

You know those friends that feel more like family?  They spend holidays at your house.  They help you raise your children.  They’ve seen you at a low and still love you.  I’ve watched this family be all of those things to Cheryl.  I’m blessed to have met them through her and have grown to love them dearly too.  Chris’s handiwork can be seen all over our studio (he builds and repurposes beautiful furniture as a hobby) and Jen is one of my favorite people to catch up with over coffee at the Weaver house.  They recently adopted a beautiful little girl.  Stella Kate is the answer to their, and many others’, prayers and is the very definition of perfection.  She couldn’t have performed more beautifully for her session.

Chris and Jen, it has been such a blessing to watch you both seek God’s will for your family.  I’m encouraged by your faithfulness  and your courage.  We are so excited to watch Stella Kate grow and see her personality continue to develop.  She couldn’t be any more beautiful!  Thank you for sharing her with us.



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