Castle on Stagecoach Wedding | Amber + Tyler

Starting her freshman year of college, Amber was in a new town and looking for  friends, community and a new church home.  Tyler spotted her immediately when she walked into the church auditorium and started relentlessly pursuing her.  After dating for almost three years, Tyler planned his proposal.  It was a proposal Amber will never forget.   Since she had missed her college social formal that year, Tyler decided she should have her very own.  He bought her a new red dress and shoes and planned for an amazing evening under a magical tent filled with twinkle lights and flowers. The magical setting worked, and at the end of the evening, Tyler got down on one knee and proposed.  Which leads us to their wedding day.  Another magical evening at The Castle on Stagecoach.    I’m so excited to share the images of their day with you!


Amber and Tyler,  I am so very honored that you chose me to spend the day with you both documenting every detail.  Blessings to you both on your new adventure together!


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Kim Boyd, Wedding Photographer



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