I’ve been putting this blog post off for a while now.  The images have been in the post but in “draft” mode.  Why? Maybe because I couldn’t bring myself to write it not wanting to think about how old he is.  Maybe because I’ve been so crazy busy? Yeah, let’s go with the latter.  That’s my excuse!

I can NOT believe that my baby boy is now officially a senior in high school this coming school year.  I have no idea where the time has gone.  Like yesterday, I remember him scooting across the floor on his bottom instead of crawling and the little curls on the back of his head that when we had to finally cut them, I cried.   I’m extremely proud of the young man he has become and as sad as I am that he will be leaving me next year for college, I’m so excited to see where he will go and what he will do with his life!

I somehow managed to talk him into coming up to the studio for some images  before his junior prom this year.  Y’all, he usually won’t even let me get the “pic” of the word picture out of my mouth before he says no!   I’m guessing I burned him out when he was younger.  :)  We had fun doing some different lighting and some night images in the studio.  Here’s my baby boy in his tux!!! At the end of the post, the night of prom, I made him take one with me.  And last but not least…….him and his beautiful girl!




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