Lee Family | Family Photographer, Erin Bunting

We’re really excited to be able to share this beautiful family with you this afternoon!  They have got to be the most laid back and easy going family I’ve met thus far.  It is completely normal and expected for a family of five to have at least one minor squabble during a session… you know the “I don’t want to sit by her” or “He’s squishing me” kind of thing.  This family though didn’t even have that.  Their children are the most polite, helpful and upbeat I’ve encountered.  And, they’re adorable too.  Given my impartiality to redheads, I was immediately enamored with the youngest who’s bubbly personality is as precious as he is.  :)  Brooks and Debbie, thank you for choosing Erin to photograph your family!  It was such a treat to meet you all and we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with you.  We’re anxious to see your wall collage come together!



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