Tyler + Tucker | Searcy Arkansas Engagement Session

We were so excited to spend the afternoon with Tyler and Tucker. They are one of those couples that are just refreshing to be around. Everything about their personalities together seems to be simple and straight forward. They were both constantly laughing and making faces at one another. I actually have several outakes that I won’t share here…..but they are hilarious!!! Now onto some of my favorites from their session! Please feel free to leave them a “congratulations” in the comments!

Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0001Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0002Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0003Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0004Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0005Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0006Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0007Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0008Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0009Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0010Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0011Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0012Tucker plays Ultimate Frisbee and had several friends with frisbees help him to propose to Tyler.  This one in particular has a love letter on the back and is special to them both.  Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0013When Tyler and Tucker started dating, they exchanged their True Love Waits rings as a promise to one another.  Since obviously Tyler’s petite hands didn’t lend well to her ring fitting Tucker, they had them woven into bracelets.  If I remember correctly, they haven’t taken them off since! Super sweet! Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0014Downtown Searcy Engagement-blog_0015I am loving getting to know these two.  They seem absolutely a perfect match for one another, and I can’t wait to spend their wedding day with them!  Congratulations Tyler and Tucker!


Kim Boyd, Wedding Photographer



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