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I had the most amazing year! 2013 couldn’t have been more fun, especially when I was able to spend it with these people.  I just hope that I don’t catch too much flack over posting some of these photos.  Hey….I’m doing it to myself too, so that makes it okay, right?! :)  Without further ado, here is a peek at our silliness, some of the predicaments we get ourselves into, and the work that gets put into wedding days and engagement sessions! Behind the Scenes 2013……


I love going through my second shooters images and finding gems.  And I’m telling you, they all rock and I couldn’t do it without them!! I’ve also learned that apparently, I like to photobomb.

Behind the Scenes 2013-1.1

Behind the Scenes 2013.1

Mark is a master at walking backwards while photographing!

Behind the Scenes 2013.2

Layne loves to play peak-a-boo while holding my camera. Behind the Scenes 2013.12

I like to sneak up on couples……… Behind the Scenes 2013.3and this is my face when I get caught. :)

Behind the Scenes 2013.4

I have no idea what the conversation was here….but it sure looks important!Behind the Scenes 2013.9

Cheryl and our rockstar groom that took us on the ride of our lives in a 6-seater golf cart.   Behind the Scenes 2013.7Behind the Scenes 2013.10

Sometimes, I just have to climb…..in windows….on chairs….. Behind the Scenes 2013.11Behind the Scenes 2013.14Kristen keeps smiling, no matter what I make her do.

Behind the Scenes 2013.13Until I goof off too much and then this is her “get back to work” face! :)

Behind the Scenes 2013.6

We love our clients AND their moms! Behind the Scenes 2013.17

Layne ends up being our guinea pig for light most of the time….he loves the attention.  Can’t you tell? Behind the Scenes 2013.15Erin and Corynne working hard to get some extra details.

Behind the Scenes 2013.8

If I remember correctly, Kristen wanted a horse after this session. :)Behind the Scenes 2013.5

I can’t leave out the iPhone and Instagram photos!

Behind the Scenes 2013-2.16

It will be hard to top 2013……but I’m looking forward to trying!  I want to personally thank Kristen, Cheryl, Erin, Mark, Layne, and Corynne for being so awesome and helping to make the weddings this year amazing!  I can’t wait to see what trouble we get into this year.

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