Callie, Rogers Heritage High School Class of 2014 | Portrait Artist, Cheryl Weaver

Tell us about the person who has had the single, greatest positive impact on your life.  My grandmother.  She’s a wonderful woman of God and beautifully made.

What is your favorite article of clothing and why?  A big t-shirt; it’s always comfy.

What character on TV are you most like?  Jennifer Aniston from Friends; she’s bubbly and energetic.

If someone wrote a book about you, what would they title it?  Interestingly Crazy

What was the last movie you watched?  Elysium

Meet Callie.  

Callie and Dei, thank you so much for booking Callie’s senior session with Cheryl.  It has been such a delight to spend time with you both.  Callie, we wish you all the best as you finish your senior year!

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