Little Rock Engagement Session: Jordan and Erynn

I was super excited for this day to finally arrive and spend it with this couple getting to know them a little better.  With Jordan living out of state, we had only “met” over Facetime.  Jordan had a tight schedule coming in for the holidays to see Erynn and running around to see all the family, so we only had one shot at a day for their engagement session. New Years day……..with rain in the forecast. :( We decided to make the most of it and do what we had to do.  It turned out amazing!  Yes it was overcast and very VERY cold, but making new friends over a day filled with portraits, Gusano’s Pizza, lots of laughs, and Starbucks coffee certainly warmed it up just perfectly.

I have to preface this first photo by telling you all that Jordan and Erynn are both music lovers. Jordan is a trombonist for the Navy and Erynn a flutist for A State (Howl!!!). Before the session, Jordan had sent me an image and asked if we could try and recreate it; a famous picture from an old movie Paris Blues with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Here is our attempt! I love it!!! They just fit perfect together.


Oh yes….yes they did! This was totally impromptu. We happened to drive down by the River Market and the ice skating rink was still open!


I laughed and laughed at with them all day long.  We would be working for something and then boom, a hand to the face, or an all out belly laugh. LOVE that they make each other laugh so easily!



We ended our session at the Capitol building…..


Erynn and Jordan, I had the most amazing day spending it with you both! Your love for each other is so evident seeing you two together. I can’t wait to see how absolutely beautiful your wedding day will be and share it with you as well!


Kim Boyd
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