Wedding at The Peabody Hotel – Little Rock, Arkansas |Kim Boyd Wedding Photographer

I had an opportunity to second (third, fourth?) shoot with the awesomely talented MLittle Photography team this summer! I met up with Matt and Michelle and another talented photographer, Brittany Schlamp, to cover this ginormous wedding. Yes ….I just used the word ginormous! Because IT WAS! :) I had an amazing time getting to know all three of them better, and getting to shoot alongside them was just as amazing!

My day started by meeting up with Matt, Michelle, and Brittany in the lobby of The Peabody and going over the plan for the day. I got to spend most of the day with Michelle and the bride in one of the beautiful suites the hotel offers. Now that I am finally getting the time to blog these, I hope you all enjoy! For the full wedding story, head on over to the MLIttle Photography blog.

As always, I’m just a call or email away!

Kim Boyd
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