52 on Fridays | Golden [ Portrait Artist, Cheryl Weaver ]

I know this might be a bit of a stretch for “Golden”, but these images do have gold IN them and well, I can say it was a truly GOLDEN night!  These shots were taken at the recent Tenth Avenue North concert I attended in Ohio.  When we lived in Ohio several years ago, I worked for an amazing ministry/concert venue in Cincinnati called The Underground and had the opportunity to photograph several Christian concerts.  I have had a lot of different “jobs” and have worn many hats in my lifetime, but this was probably one of my favorites.  I loved the music and loved being able to work with such great people.  After one of the concerts, I met Tenth Avenue North’s lead singer, Mike Donahey.   They were one of the openers and although I didn’t know much about them before that night, I was so impacted by how humble and kind he was and how he made a point to show appreciation to the concert venue staff and volunteers.  I remember liking their music that night, but the way he treated those he came in contact with made the bigger impact on me.  Fast forward to last week when I was able to attend another concert by Tenth Avenue North at The Underground, only this time THEY were the headliners.  Every one of the staff members and volunteers were sharing the same sentiments I had years before.  I love that their fame and popularity hasn’t changed them and they are still as genuine and kind as before.  The concert was GREAT!  They are truly gifted musicians who turn the focus off of themselves over to a loving, wonderful God as they lead people in worship.

The night of the concert just happened to Mike’s birthday and the band members surprised him with birthday cake and a little celebratory song…

I was also introduced to the band, Rend Collective Experiment, from Ireland and to musician, Audrey Assad, who have both made their way into my musical library!


It was a GREAT night!!!  I love it when I can plan my trips to Ohio around good music!  :)


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