52 on Fridays-Relax | Cheryl Weaver

It’s kind of funny that it’s my turn to contribute to the 52 on Fridays Project.  The theme for this week is “RELAX”, and this is not a very relaxing season.  Once school starts, business always picks up and busy season officially begins.  Add a trip to Haiti (both Maggie & I leave next week!!!) a trip to Ohio and the fact that my daughter is getting married in December and well, relaxing most days looks a lot like this iPhone photo collage, even if only for a few minutes a day!

Go see what Annessa thought up for this week’s 52 project.

EDITED TO ADD:  After I finished the post, I really did sit down with my cup of coffee and Jesus Calling book for my few minutes of quiet.  Here is a directquote from today’s reading:  “I want you to relax in the assurance of My perfect love”.  (scripture references:  Isaiah 61:10, Romans 8:1-2). How awesome is that?

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