Hello New Friends

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Anna and I am honored to be the newest member of the Zoë Photographic Group. I am blessed to be a wife and a mother to my crazy little family. We live in the country. I have two dogs and two cats. I am a home economics enthusiast. And I am in love with my Savior. Now that we know each other a little better let me fill you in on what I am bringing to the table, so to speak.

I was so humbled to be asked to specialize in maternity, birth, newborn and baby’s first year. I LOVE this season of life, really, I was pregnant for almost two straight years (my children are 15 months apart). Every little thing about the process of growing a child and watching a child grow is so fascinating to me. The way your stomach transforms into a beautiful round belly that houses a life that is about to change yours in every way…the emotion, exhaustion and elation that is involved in actually bringing a baby into this world…the tiny details of a brand new body…and the rapid progression to the first birthday.

In my joining the Zoë team, I am able to focus my business directly on this time in your growing family’s life. I would love to be there to help you document your pregnancy, birth, and your precious baby as they move toward that first year mark.blogfirstSomething that you may not know much about or have given much thought to is Birth Photography. This is a photojournalistic capture of one of the most intimate and tender times in your life. All of the sweet moments and details that you don’t see because you are actually living them! So many of us spend time behind the iphone or camera during monumental events, consider planning to have me there to snap the shot of when you first meet you beloved baby.

I cannot wait to meet you!!!

Anna Ingle



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