52 on Friday Project – Eyes | Searcy, Arkansas Photographer – Kim Boyd

I hope this image isn’t too freaky….after I put it together….I kinda got creeped out myself.  But…..it is what it is.  And this is my post for this week!!!

The theme being EYES, I knew I had to figure out which kiddo to force into being my subject.  Then I had a light bulb go off (or on?) in my head.  What about eyes of our whole family?!  Well I had good ideas and good intentions that turned into late preparedness, and first thing this morning saying to myself…..”AHHHHH it’s Friday!!!”    So here are all of our eyes, minus my husband’s.  He was already at work when the light bulb happened.  I’m  sure he will be so terribly heart broken that he missed out.  :)

Top eyes are mine (sorry they aren’t completely sharp ….try taking a picture of your own eyes and nailing the focus! :) ), then my son’s, my daughter’s, and last but NOT least, our dog’s.  She’s part of the family too!!! :)


Head on over to Laura’s blog and see how her interpretation of “eyes” turned out.  Laura Stricklin Photography

Happy Friday everyone!


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