52 on Friday Project – Simple | Searcy Arkansas Photographer

Simple. What could be more simple than childhood. And especially childhood on summer break! I have been trying to think of what simple means to me, and my mind always goes right back to Bailey and life at her age (before preteen drama!). When I was her age, my summers consisted of sleeping late and spending the entire day outside on my horse running free, throwing rocks at the turtles in the creek, building secret hideouts between hay bales in the field, and chasing lightening bugs at dusk. Simple, no where to be, no responsibilities, no worries, just a care free world. I try to look at the world right now in her eyes, and I hope that is what she sees.

How simple and sweet childhood should be for every child.

Bailey Boo this morning……..sleeping in on summer break……… with the sun starting to peek through her window. What could be simpler?

Please make the circle and check out what the other photographers doing the project with me have for the theme this week! You can start with Laura of Laura Stricklin Photography!

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

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