52 on Fridays – Week 11- Irish | Searcy Arkansas Photographer

This week’s theme is Iris. Looking out my office window and seeing all the new green growth makes me think of nothing else but clovers!!!!! I’m not technically sure that has anything to do with Irish, except that four-leaf clovers make me think of leprechauns which in turn make me THINK Irish. :)

When I was a kid, we would sit for hours in the clover that came up in the spring looking for those lucky ones and make crowns and necklaces out of the clover flowers. What fun! When I suggested that Bailey look for a four-leaf clover to help me with my project this week, she of course was VERY excited. This week has really been the first one we have had lately for her to spend time outside and get some energy out! This is what she brought me. A jar full of clovers. Did she find that lucky one? YES SHE DID!!! That’s my girl!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


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