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This week’s theme is Red.   At first, I thought of valentines, hearts, love…..just about everything you would associate with the month of February.   Then I figured a lot of us might go that route.  I wanted to do something different.  Red.  Hmmm.  What comes to mind?  I have a 7-year-old daughter who loves fairy tales and bedtime stories, so of course, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD!!!

Now comes the hard part.  Will she “model” for me and actually do what I ask of her?  We tried.  She did great! Now before you all see this and say, “Wow, she looks too serious or maybe even scared. She should be a happy little girl!”  Let me tell you what I wanted from her.

Little red riding hood.

In the woods.

Big bad wolf.

I would be scared!! Or maybe getting my game face on trying to outsmart him.  :)  So that’s what I asked her for.  “Serious” “scared” and “thinking hard” faces like she was trying to outsmart that wolf.  I think I might have a future model on my hands (I’m not biased in the least little bit).  Tell me what you think.


I know I posted too many. I just couldn’t narrow them down! Hope you all have a great Friday!

Now go check out the next photographer doing this project, Kayleigh with Kayleigh Ross Photography! Click HERE to see her interpretation of red.

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