A Little Bean | Searcy, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

This little bean decided to come a few weeks early and he is just such a perfect, tiny little guy!  I can’t even believe the precious expressions we were able to get from him while he was sleeping.  We went through about five blankets and one of my shirts during his session!  Pee, poop and spit up just come with the territory when you are photographing a newborn.  It is, after all, all about the shot!  I’m willing to suffer a little mess and a couple of loads of laundry if it means getting images like these.  : )





This last image with big brother is just so special.  Big brother Jacob was a miracle baby.  He endured so many

surgeries as a tiny baby and today he is a happy little ball of energy who knows how to bring a smile to your face!

Jacob loves to hold his new baby brother “skin to skin” and I just adore the joy in his expression during this moment between them…


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