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I had the pleasure of sitting down to lunch with Cheryl’s sister and brother in law while we were in Vegas last week.  As we sat and nibbled on the delectable  appetizers in front of us, the four of us talked, laughed and people watched from the patio of  Mon Ami Gabi Cafe at the Paris Hotel.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun soaked into our skin and warmed us as the sounds of laughter and glasses clinking together lulled us into a state of bliss.  I was seated across the table from Cynthia and she was simply radiant with the sunlight streaming around from behind her.  It was one of those moments when I just knew I had to pull the camera out.  Cheryl encouraged me to do so and Cynthia and Ralph happily obliged!  It isn’t often that I get to have a totally spontaneous photo shoot just because I feel like the moment is right.  And it was.  Right.  In about two minutes or less, I captured these images of two beautiful people on a beautiful day and it was just magic.  Thank you, Ralph and Cynthia, for the amazing lunch and for opening yourselves up to me and my camera for a few moments.  These images reflect the true heart of why I do what I do.  : )

p.s.  I feel like it is important to add that Cynthia, like most women, isn’t comfortable in front of the camera.  You certainly wouldn’t know it by looking at these images.  She is a stunning, natural beauty but she confessed that she has never seen a picture of herself that she liked.  When I showed her one of these shots on the back of my camera, she cried.  And so did Cheryl.  And so did I. For the first time she saw herself exactly as she really is.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to show her a glimpse of what others see.  Not just a beautiful woman on the outside, but a remarkable woman that shines from within.  It can be so hard to see yourself as the  beautiful woman that you are when we are constantly surrounded by messages that tell us who we have to be in order to be accepted.  Cheryl and I are passionate about this subject and we hope to work with more women in the future to provide them with images of themselves that they can treasure and pass down to their children and families.











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  • StacyFebruary 28, 2011 - 5:03 pm

    LOVE these and love your writing!! BIGGGGGGG HUG!!! StacyReplyCancel

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