California Session #1 | Searcy, AR Photographer

I’m pretty sure she was my first friend.  She lived in the house over the wall behind mine when I was growing up and I think my sister and I spent more time at her house than we did at ours.   Most of the happy memories of my childhood include her and her family.  As I look back, I’m convinced she and her family were way more than just good neighbors.  They were a gift and a blessing to two little girls who needed some stability and happy distractions from the harsh realities they were facing.  I can’t thank them enough…

Fast forward to the last few years.  This is where I get emotional at the mention of how thankful I am for Facebook and how it has allowed us to re-connect.  When I made the announcement to my contacts in California that I would be making a trip back to my hometown of Ventura to visit family and do a few photo sessions, she responded within 5 minutes and booked her session.   It was soooooo great to see her again, meet her sweet husband and spend time with their precious little girl. (who looks so much like she did at that age!)  Thanks Kathi and Bill for helping me start my time in California on such a GREAT note!  I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you all!










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