Travis | 2018 Senior, Harding Academy

Welcome Travis, 2018 Harding Academy Senior, to the blog this afternoon!  He’s such a gentleman with a kind spirit.  We loved spending a morning with him and his parents during the session.  We also LOVE that he decided to get up early on a Saturday morning to meet us for his shoot.  Early morning is one of our favorite times of day to shoot and we so rarely get that opportunity.   Travis, we pray you have a blessed senior  year! Make the most of every day!!

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Jantzen | Bridal Session, Searcy, Arkansas

How did we miss getting these bridal images out for everyone’s viewing pleasure after Jantzen and Max were married?! I don’t know, but I’m super excited for you all to finally see them.  Jantzen is a beautiful bride and so full of joy, that she brings out a smile on everyone’s face around her.  Congratulations Jantzen and Max! We can’t wait to share images from their wedding day soon!


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Hopkins Family Mini Session | Searcy, AR

We are happy to share the Hopkins family on the blog today!

So thankful for this family and their love for our Searcy community.  We were honored to have them up in the studio for a mini session.  These two boys are such hams and kept us on our toes the entire time!  Hope you enjoy some of our favorites from their session!


hopkins blog_0130hopkins blog_0131hopkins blog_0132hopkins blog_0133hopkins blog_0134hopkins blog_0135hopkins blog_0136

Anna Grace | 2018 Harding Academy Senior

We are happy that today our blog is being graced by the beautiful Anna Grace! Her infectious smile just made it all the more easy to photograph her senior session.  We loved getting to know a little about her and hearing about her plans for senior year.  Congratulations Anna Grace! We pray you have the best year yet!

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