Cone Chapel Wedding, Searcy Arkansas: Stephen and Michaelah Part Two

Oh yes…..part two. :)  I had such a hard time narrowing down images for the first post, that I thought…hey, why can’t I do a second post with some random images that I love? The first blog post (you can see here) was the story of their wedding day.  This one? Well, this one is just fun.


I had to throw this one in.  So many of the images of Michaelah seeing her dad after getting all dolled up just made me want to cry.  I love this!!

Look at this cutie!!!!!!!!!!!

He was hiding from me. :)Sweet girls…:)Oh yes…..yes they did.Boys will be boys?Family wedding photos can be fun!!!! Love these families!Squishy noses…..:)Stephen was constantly making Michaelah (and us) laugh with his many faces.And last but not least……look at that pouty face!!!!


Kim Boyd

Wedding Photographer



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