For the love of trains | Searcy Arkansas Photographer

I would like to introduce you to “J”.  J is an amazing kid and he LOVES trains.  And I don’t mean that he just watches Thomas the Train and has a nice train set either.  No, J watches real trains, knows all about them and truly appreciates them for all that they are. He can literallly, sit and watch them move down the tracks for hours.  Since he loves trains so much, J’s mom wanted to capture this time before he outgrows them.  So, we headed to Kensett one hot and sunny day last week to watch some trains and photograph this awesome little boy in his element.  If I wanted to get his attention and get great expressions out out of J, all I had to do was get him started talking about trains.  I just LOVE how his sweet eyes light up when he is telling you all about them.  :) Thank you both so much for spending time with me last week.  I had so much fun with you and can’t wait for you to see this sneak peek!

On a side note and since we are on the subject of trains, I would like to say that I do not photograph on train tracks.  Especially with children.  I know that you may see a lot of photographers do so and train track shots can be really, really cool.  But I have two very clear reasons why I choose not to.  The first is that it is ILLEGAL to photograph on train tracks.  There are laws against it that vary from state to state.  The second reason is that it is dangerous.  No photo-op is worth risking a person’s life.  I wanted to take this time to go ahead and make this statement because I do get asked to do it from time to time and thought it would be good to explain my reasons for not doing so.  All that aside, I have no problem photographing in the vacinity of train tracks…  : )  All of the red caboose shots below are taken at a park that has the old car on display.





We literally had to hop in the car and chase this engine down to get this shot.  Once we got ahead of it, we jumped out and got into position.

Just as J turned around to look at me, the engineer layed on the horn.  It was so loud that J immediately pulled his hands up to his ears.  I just LOVE this image!!!



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