a senior…already? | Searcy, AR Senior Portrait Photographer

I am really glad we moved back to Searcy.  In more ways than I can count, I can see the benefits and blessings of coming back to this town.  I have truly learned to appreciate it and it’s charm.  I am now able to see a bigger picture and have really enjoyed the familiarity and daily reminders of living here.  Everywhere I turn, there are things that remind me of my college years, meeting my husband and starting our family.  Some of the greatest times of my life have been spent  here. This beautiful high school senior was the sweet, quiet little girl who lived next door and who played so many hours outside with my own kids when we lived in our little white house on the west side of town.  I can remember her sweet smile so vividly and it is just as sweet of a smile today.  I loved every minute of our session earlier this week and was so happy to spend time with her as a lovely young woman ready to conquer her senior year of high school.  I know it sounds a little cliche…but really, where does the time go???  When her mom contacted me about a session, I had to resist the urge to blurt out  “She’s a senior?  ALREADY?”  Yes, time moves on and little girls do grow up.  I was honored to photograph this special time for her.  It’s good to be running my business here in Searcy.

It’s good to be home.








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