What a Birth Session is All About! | Davis Birth Story

Birth Story Sessions are one of my favorite things to capture! The anticipation, the joy, all of the first introductions always bring tears to my eyes. Each one is truly a miracle! These images are of the Davis Family’s birth story. They contacted me when they announced that they were expecting their second child, Avery. When it got close to Brooke’s due date I was in regular communication with them, seeing how she is progressing and feeling so I would be prepared when the big day arrived! I finally got the text from Michael, “We are headed to the hospital!” I rushed over and captured some of the details of the day, and the “waiting” moments that many labors experience! It is my goal and job as a photographer to stay in the background, so hopefully clients will barely realize I am there. These sessions are all about the real and raw moments and I never want to be a distraction. When It is time to push, I slip back in and get some precious images of Michael being the most supportive husband and Brooke working so hard to bring her daughter into this world. One of my favorite images from this particular session is when Brooke gives a big sigh of relief after seeing Avery for the first time! The rest of their story is full of pure happiness and joy as grandparents, and big brother get to meet sweet Avery. My job is to document the things that you may have never been able to see, or remember in this time of high emotions. Birth stories are real, they are beautiful, and they are images that capture the mysteries of life and a love that is incomprehensible.

Here are a few words from this mom’s point of view of having a Birth Story Session:

             “Our experience with Mallory capturing the birth of our second child was absolutely phenomenal. We don’t have family in the Searcy area so I was to the point of freaking out when I was getting ready to have Avery because I didn’t know if anyone would be able to make it to town early enough to take pictures. We’ve used Mallory before and when she told me about her documentary style photo sessions, I knew I HAD to get signed up with her to capture this special moment for my little family.
             During the delivery, she caught every special moment from us checking in to us anxiously awaiting the birth of Avery. Every picture she took told our story at the hospital and I am forever grateful. I still look back at the pictures and will cry because they are so beautiful. She took a lot of stress off my shoulders by just being there for us. I’m thankful she did our birthing story and I will continue to use Mallory for any documentary sessions my family needs/has in the future.”            – Brooke Davis

If you, or someone you know is expecting, let’s talk about capturing these priceless moments!

**All images are posted online with full permission from the Davis Family. Intimate images from Birth Sessions are never posted publicly without full permission and encouragement from clients out of respect for these special private moments.**


Day in the Life of Mallory | Documentary Photography

I am so excited to share these images with the world! This is a vulnerable post for me, for several reasons. This is my life, in all its glory, ha! These types of images, the smallest yet most precious moments in peoples lives, is what I’m passionate about capturing. So, I thought it might be neat to show a typical day in my life, literally through my lens. It was full of playing, tears, construction, Sonic, giggles, and naps. To be completely transparent, my floor is dirty, there are toys everywhere, clutter on the counters, filthy windows, you know-the works! But to be honest, this is where I am in life! I have an 18 month old and I am almost 5 months pregnant (If I was being completely transparent I’d admit my house was cluttered even before I had kids, ha :) ) When I view these images, I’m not focusing on what needs to be cleaned or what house projects I want to get done, I’m looking at the love poured out on my son even on the simplest of days. These images truly remind me what is important in life and the little moments I never want to take for granted. I want to capture these for all families, no matter what stage of life, there is love and beauty in the right now, always!

So a little background to some of these images, this was this past Saturday and we literally had nothing planned, just a typical day. Cooper wakes up and lays on our rug to watch an episode of his favorite show, “Hey Duggee.” He then starts his day of play pushing his wagon around, but it turns into chasing our dog Sadie with it (he finds this hilarious, Sadie does not!). I have to take the wagon away, hence the dramatic cry and tugging on my pregnant belly (this is one of my favorite images from the day because this is my exact view at least once a day from a Cooper cry). He is eventually distracted by toys. His favorite toys are dinosaurs and he loves to “RAWR” while playing with them. Our cat, Walter, is always on neighborhood watch for us, and I love his intensity in his work, haha! Both my parents come over because my dad is building me a pantry (woohoo!) and he stops to fix a quick lunch to eat with Cooper. Sadie does her usual begging for table food, and Cooper is always eager to sneak her a bite! My dad, or Papa to Cooper, lets Cooper “feed his pig” with quarters every time he visits our house, though Coop never seems to think the pig is ever full :).

My husband, Jordan, is the managing partner at the Sonic on Beebe Capps and usually once a day we go and visit him at work. It is easily a highlight in our days for all three of us! (I get to see my husband and get a sweet tea out of it, what could be better?!) Cooper is going to be taking people’s orders before we know it! We get back home and help Papa work on the pantry before Coop lays down for his nap. Jordan gets home from work when Cooper is waking up from a nightmare and he comes to the rescue with snuggles and snacks! Most days, Jordan gets a quick nap in after work and lets Cooper snuggle with him in bed, which makes this mama’s heart just melt. The rest of the night is just our bedtime routine of teeth brushing, bath, and books! I end the night watching Jordan practice worship songs for church the next morning and we call it a day!

To most people this is a pretty boring day, but oh how I will cherish these memories now for a lifetime! If I ever start to doubt if I do enough, if I’m present enough, if my kids feel enough love, I will have this album to look back on and smile with a joyful heart of how much “enough” is in the details. BomarFB_0010BomarFB_0011BomarFB_0012BomarFB_0013BomarFB_0014CoopDIL_0015CoopDIL_0016CoopDIL_0017CoopDIL_0018CoopDIL_0019CoopDIL_0020CoopDIL_0021CoopDIL_0022CoopDIL_0023CoopDIL_0024CoopDIL_0025CoopDIL_0026CoopDIL_0027CoopDIL_0028CoopDIL_0029CoopDIL_0030CoopDIL_0031CoopDIL_0032CoopDIL_0033CoopDIL_0034CoopDIL_0035CoopDIL_0036CoopDIL_0037CoopDIL_0038CoopDIL_0039CoopDIL_0040CoopDIL_0041CoopDIL_0042CoopDIL_0043CoopDIL_0044CoopDIL_0045CoopDIL_0046CoopDIL_0047CoopDIL_0048CoopDIL_0049

Riley + Tyler | Searcy, Arkansas Engagement Session (Kind of )

We were so happy to meet up with Riley and Tyler for what we thought was an engagement session!  We always love getting to chat with a couple before we start the session and this time, we got a huge surprise.  A few days earlier, they had gone to the courthouse and eloped!  How fun is it that we got to photograph an after elopement session for them?! Just look how happy these two are together.

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Introducing Weldon! | Fresh 48 Session

We are excited to have a Fresh 48 Session up on the blog today! Meet Weldon! He is full of sweetness and already has a love for his pacifier!  One of my favorite things from this session was that there were FOUR generations in the room together. How special is that!? Walking into the room, you could feel the love that this family has for baby Weldon already!  We were so honored to be a part of the first few days of this little ones life to capture these memories. Here are a few of our favorites from this session!